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Our Mission



To provide the most aid possible to the poorest parts of Caracas, Venezuela. We aim to donate food, medicine, and clothes to families that have been devastated by the economic collapse and tyrannical rule of the government.  


First, we raise funds in order to purchase the supplies. We also accept the supplies as donations. We then pack the supplies into boxes which then get shipped to Venezuela via cargo ship. The supplies are transported to Santa Maria Madre de Dios Parish in Manzanares, Caracas where the supplies are then distributed to the families in need.

Our Impact

5000+ lbs
supplies shipped and donated 
Funds raised 

VenAyudar was started by a group of Venezuelan students in Miami who had felt the impacts of the economic collapse and tyrannical rule of government first hand. They wanted to help using their network in Miami. They teamed up, thought out the logistics, and shortly after, VenAyudar came to fruition. 

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