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Who We Are

VenAyudar is a student-led organization comprised of Venezuelan immigrants and first-generation Americans. We have felt, first-hand, the devastation of the Venezuelan people as many of us still have family living there. We hope that with our network and position in Miami, we can make an impact on a community that has had a huge impact on us.

Cesar Headshot.JPG

Cesar Aguzzi

President & CEO

As CEO, Cesar is in charge of executing our mission. He leads fundraising efforts and works with local businesses to organize events.


Ricardo Blanco


As COO, Ricardo plans, packs, and ships the boxes with the help of other volunteers. He makes sure supplies are accounted for and reach their destination. 


Luis Halvorssen

Vice-President & CTO

As VP & CTO, Luis works on technological solutions that will make VenAyudar run more efficiently.


Juan Tejera

Vice-President & Secretary

As VP and Secretary, Juan focuses his efforts on making sure the organization runs smoothly and everything is in order.

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